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Delirium and Older Patients Futile Care: Costly, With Poor Outcomes Physician Ponders Healthcare Equality Interview: Pedal Power Smartphones and Patient Care Not Just a Nurse Page 7 Page 8 Page 11 Pages 12-13 Page 14 Page 22 Vol. 7, No. 12 | DECEMBER 2015 ® High Acuity & Critical Care Nurses Make Their Optimal Contribution

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Bold Voices - December 2015

Another Angle
Pres Note Front Teaser
Plan to Attend NTI 2016 in New Orleans
New Year Brings Changes to AACN Journals’ CE Process
ACC Website Offers Enhanced Functionality and Accessibility
Certification Capsules
Delirium Threatens Recovery of Older Patients After Surgery
Three-Dimensional Confusion Assessment Method Helps Diagnose Delirium at the Bedside
Futile Treatment Results in High Costs and Poor Outcomes
Discussing Palliative Care With Pediatric Patients and Their Families
Discussion of Religion Rare at Goals-of-Care Conferences
First Responders Need End-of-Life Care Training
First Responders Can Access West Virginia End-of-Life Registry
Multifaceted Treatment Reduces COPD Readmissions
Physician Ponders Equality of Healthcare
Pedal Power
Majority of Nurses Use Smartphones to Improve Care
Quick Thinking Plus Twitter Helps Patient
New ‘Star Trek’ Medical Scanner
Choosing Catheter Placement Sites
Critical Illness May Impact Cancer Survival
Revised FASD Competency-Based Curriculum Guide
Managing IPF in Older Patients
New Blood Loss Monitor Could Improve Intervention to Avoid Hemorrhagic Shock
Six Risk Factors for Pediatric C. difficile-Related Deaths
Bystander CPR and Defibrillator Use Saves Lives
Corticosteroids May Benefit Hospitalized Patients With Pneumonia
In Our Journals
‘I Am a Critical Care Nurse’
AACN Continues to Invest in the Future
President’s Note

Bold Voices - December 2015