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ENGINEERINGINC. 8 JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2014 ‚óŹ VOL. 26 NO. 1 14 18 Features 2014 LEGISLATIVE OUTLOOK Despite partisan challenges, progress foreseen. MODEL INFRASTRUCTURE Advances in traditional modeling technology take designs to a larger scale. THE HARD MARKET THAT NEVER CAME AP PHOTO/JOHN MINCHILLO Seawater floods the entrance of the Brooklyn Battery Park Tunnel in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Cover Feature EXTREME WEATHER RESISTANCE As the evidence toward climate change continues to mount, engineers shift gears from mitigation to resiliency planning. 8 Breaking down the results of the annual Professional Liability Insurance Survey of Carriers. 2013 FALL CONFERENCE HIGHLIGHTS Relive the best moments from our Fall Conference in Scottsdale, Ariz. MIRRORED CONCERNS Comparing the problems faced by firms operating overseas with those here in the United States. 14 18 25 30 36 Departments 4 2 BUSINESS INSIGHTS 4 FROM ACEC TO YOU How to engineer your business as well as you engineer your projects; indemnification clauses; business practice documents for professional surveyors. ACEC to Congress: "Let's get it done." MARKET WATCH 2014 construction growth to outpace the U.S. GDP. 6 LEGISLATIVE ACTION Budget deal increases discretionary spending, avoids next round of sequestration cuts; House clears ACEC-backed energy bills. RISK MANAGEMENT Tips and tricks for editing risk out of standard business contracts. 40 MEMBERS IN THE NEWS 42 45 Steve Edwards appointed chairman, president and CEO of Black & Veatch; Thomas R. White named chairman, president and CEO of Sargent & Lundy. MERGERS AND ACQUISITIONS 48 Industry M&A outlook for 2014. COVER PHOTO: AP PHOTO/JOHN MINCHILLO (2) Engineering Inc. promotes the advocacy and business interests of ACEC by offering news, legislative analysis and business practice information to member firms, clients, opinion leaders and policy makers. The articles and editorials appearing in this magazine do not represent an official ACEC position or policy unless specifically identified as doing so.

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Engineering Inc. - January/February 2014
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The Hard Market That Never Came
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Engineering Inc. - January/February 2014