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Business Insights Strategies for Effective Risk Management Risk management is core to any A/E project. From contract language and provisions to job-site safety and environmental issues to code and regulatory compliance, there are numerous liability challenges facing design and construction projects. There are, however, proven risk management techniques that can help minimize a design professional's risks. A combined effort by ACEC's Council of Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (CAMEE) and the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) recently produced Fundamentals of Risk Management, a half-day course covering key risk management and insurance issues regarding accessibility and energy efficiency, as well as jobsite safety and its respective roles and responsibilities. The course, which will be held Jan. 25, 2015, in Chicago, will examine preferred contract language to address codes and regulations and will feature a lively discussion on contract issues, as well as rules and regulations governing the A/E practice. Participants will analyze and discuss issues related to difficult contract language, as well as risk management strategies that address possible uninsured or uninsurable requirements. For more details on the upcoming course, visit www. fundamentals-of-risk-management-code-64. Mysteries of the FAR Revealed: Using the AASHTO Audit Guide ACEC and the National Highway Institute Comprehensive FAR Compliance (NHI) have teamed up to provide compreand Oversight Training for State DOTs and A/E Firms: hensive coursework-tailored specifically to include participation from both state DOTs and engineering firms-to help members understand the proper uses of the FAR-based auditing and procurement procedures. Developed by leaders of the AASHTO Audit Guide Task Force, the two-course program will be held Jan. 26-29 in Austin, Texas, and offers detailed instruction on government contracting for A/E services and the administration and oversight of contract costs. * Course 1: Development of A/E Consultant Indirect Cost Rates * Course 2: Auditing and Oversight of A/E Consultant Indirect Cost Rates Participants will understand how to: * Apply a uniform interpretation and consistent application of FAR in A/E contracting * Increase compliance with federal rules and regulations governing A/E contract audits AUSTIN, TX * JANUARY 26-28, 2015 A special 2-part program developed by the FHWA National Highway Institute Mysteries of the FAR Revealed: Using the AASHTO Audit Guide COURSE PARTNERS TEXAS 40 ENGINEERING INC. JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2015 * Improve quality of indirect cost rate audits * Prepare an analysis of reasonable compensation * Use the National Compensation Matrix * Save time and resources preparing and reviewing FARcompliant indirect cost rate audits To download the agenda and registration information, go to Effective Teaming for Government Work Firms reviewing government solicitations often use the "We can do that" approach to selecting targets to pursue. They read the small-business subcontracting requirements and begin patching a team together. But the most important question that firms should ask when selecting a target to pursue is: "How can we distinguish ourselves as the best team to do the work?" This requires more than simple teaming to satisfy governmentmandated subcontracting goals. It requires assembling a solid team based on roles and qualifications that will set the team apart from its competitors. An advantage is having pre-established relationships with a variety of potential teaming partners-including small firms-and structuring the team for excellence on the work required by the solicitation. Small firms should bring specific and logical capabilities to the team-which can include local knowledge, specialized discipline(s) and/or client experience. A welcome plus is one or more successful experiences working together. ACEC's annual Teaming Fair, held each spring as part of the ACEC Annual Convention in Washington, D.C., is an effective way to "discover" new potential team members and add proposal strength. Some firms have likened the Teaming Fair to "speed dating," where large and small firms can meet based on identified needs of the latter and focused capabilities of the former. As relationships form, they can be further nurtured through other ACEC events. Other opportunities for addressing common client issues are offered through a number of ACEC committees. For more information on the upcoming ACEC Teaming Fair, visit ACEC's Business Resources and Education Department provides comprehensive and accessible business management education for engineering company principals and their staffs. Visit ACEC's online educational events calendar at or bookstore at, or call 202-347-7474, ext. 324, for further information.

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Engineering Inc. - January/February 2015