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N E WS & N OT E S ACEC's Senior Executives Institute Is 10 Years Old and Going Strong T planning, measurement and skills, developed more personal management, leadership and he ACEC Senior Execu- accountability and change awareness and expanded my public policy for emerging tives Institute SEI , the management. view of high-level leadership industry leaders. It is based on engineering industry's pre- The program takes prospec- skills, says Mike McMeekin, the concept that engineers and mier leadership training pro- tive industry leaders through president of Lamp, Rynearson architects must continue edu- gram, this year celebrates 10 five training sessions during a & Associates, Inc., in Omaha, cation and professional devel- years of successfully helping two-year period, focusing on Neb., and a SEI Class VI grad- opment to enhance their man- industry executives develop topics such as overall vision, uate. As a business, we have agement skills and broaden new leadership skills. strategies and systems thinking, become more effective in our their understanding of strategic Launched in October 1995, personal and organizational strategic planning and have planning and public policy SEI has become popular leadership skills and imple- been exposed to advanced issues. among principals throughout menting new skills effectively management techniques in As a result of SEI, I have the design profession by pro- in their firm. financial management, scenario improved my strategic thinking viding training in advanced Engineering Shows Becoming The Leonard P. Zakim Solid Cable TV Choice Bunker Hill Bridge, part of the Modern Engineering D neering the Impossible, Extreme espite the popularity of Wonders TV program. Engineering and Modern Engi- reality television program- neering Wonders of the World. ming such as The Bachelor, The Apprentice and Who's Your The History Channel's pro- Daddy?, programs based on gramming includes Modern Ma rvels, Tech Effect, Wild West engineering achievements are Tech, Tactical to Practical and also carving a nice niche of pop- Toolbox, all of which are related ularity among viewers. Officials at both Discovery to engineering in various ways. Network officials say the shows are targeted to a pre- dominantly male, 25

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Engineering Inc. - March/April 2005