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RE-ENERGIZING the P.W. Grosser Consulting Engineer & Hydrogeologist The following case studies demonstrate how ACEC member firms addressed ENERGY unique challenges faced in the energy and power arena and made sure the public appetite for energy was met. Special Report HDR, Inc. 16 ENGINEERING INC. MARCH / APRIL 2007 Carollo Engineers GZA GeoEnvironmental The nation’s energy and power sector is booming, and ACEC member firms are at the forefront of assuring that energy needs, both today and tomorrow, will be met Industry By Darlene Bremer

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Engineering Inc. - March/April 2007

From ACEC to You
News & Notes
Legislative Action
Market Watch
Cover Story: Alternative Energy
The Greening of Wal-Mart
Re-Energizing the Industry
The BIM Boom
Help Wanted: Leaders for Tomorrow
The Path of Perseverance
ACEC/PAC Achieves Record Fundraising Year
ACEC Annual Convention
Helping Firms Manage Healthcare Costs
Facilities Management for A/E Firms
Business Insights
Members In The News
One on One

Engineering Inc. - March/April 2007