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NEWS & NotES CELSOC Becomes ACEC/California Solidifying Nationwide Brand C alifornia is now the 50th Member Organization of ACEC to subscribe to the common name since the effort was launched in 2001 to bring all 51 federations under one brand. CELSOC President Robert Salaber of Salaber Associates, Inc., in Dixon, Calif., announced the state’s action: “California is excited about joining the rest of the nation in using the well-recognized and respected name of ACEC. The name CELSOC was respected and held special meaning for many of our members, includ- ing our valued land surveying firms, but the time has come to take advantage of the national brand. “I want to assure all our members that our organization’s mission will not change with our new name. We will continue to fight for the professional practices of engineering and land surveying in our state, and we look forward to working side-by-side with the national organization, and the other ACEC State Organizations.” ACEC Chairman Mac MacMurray praised California’s decision: “Having our largest state organization embrace the ACEC name now adds to the strength of the federation and puts us only one state away from achieving a completely unified national brand.” Texas is the lone state yet to adopt the ACEC name. CELSOC President-elect William Green of RBF Consulting in Temecula, Calif., said: “I am thrilled to serve as the first president of ACEC/ California, as I’ll be taking office on the exact day that the name change takes effect. We, the CELSOC membership, have established ourselves as the legislative voice in Sacramento for the engineering and ACEC Chairman Mac MacMurray surveying communities and will continue to advocate state business and professional issues as ACEC/California.” Green is the first land surveyor to head the industry organization. For Licensed Engineers Whether you’re seeking multistate licensure or continuing professional education, NCEES Professional Services can help you move forward in your career. Council Records Program Facilitating the comity licensure process Registered Continuing Education Providers Program Keeping you up-to-date with continuing education 4 ENGINEERING INC. MaRCh / apRIl 2008

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Engineering Inc. - March/April 2008
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Engineering Inc. - March/April 2008