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Business Insights On-Demand 10-Pack Provides Continuing Education When You Need It For many engineering and surveying professionals, achieving state-mandated PDHs each year is difficult and time-consuming. Often, as renewal deadlines approach, professionals find themselves short of the credits required to maintain their licenses. ACEC On-Demand Webinars eliminate the stress of meeting continuing education requirements by providing convenient access to educational programming, topicality, flexibility and cost savings. Practitioners can easily locate the latest engineering business management topics and earn important PDHs when they are needed. And the new On-Demand Webinar 10-Pack makes in-house continuing education even more immediate, accessible and cost-effective. Instead of $199 per webinar, the 10-pack rate delivers 10 webinars at just $140 per session-that's a $59 savings with every selection. Practitioners can take advantage of outstanding ondemand webinar modules from ACEC and its top-notch educational partners at any time-day or night, during the work week or on the weekend. There's no expiration date, and the 10-pack subscription is completely transferable among staff and offices. Each 90-minute recording carries 1.5 PDHs (unless otherwise specified). Content areas include: * Business Management and Quality * Finance and Economics * Human Resources * Marketing and New Business Development * Contracts and Risk Management * Leadership and Ethics * Project Management and Project Delivery * Public Policy and Industry Issues For a complete listing of topics, visit on_demand_search.cfm. Implementing a Risk Management Program at Your Firm Professional liability is of primary importance to structural engineers. To address this and other areas of risk within firms, the Council of American Structural Engineers (CASE) has developed "Ten Foundations for Risk Management," a program to help firms reduce risk. Foundation topics include: Culture, Prevention & Proactivity, Planning, Communication, Education, Scope, Compensation, Contracting, Contract Documents and Construction Phase. Each foundation area contains tools (presentations, worksheets, sample documents, case studies) to help implement a firm's risk management program. 44 ENGINEERING INC. MaRCh / apRIl 2014 CASE also released three updated tools in the following foundation areas: Foundation One: Culture CASE Tool 1-1: Create a Culture for Managing Risks and Preventing Claims: This tool provides sample templates and presentations to aid in creating a culture of risk management throughout the firm. It includes PowerPoint presentations, scripts and sample statements that users can modify to their own situations. Case studies highlight best practices and procedures to manage liability and limit risk. Foundation Three: Planning CASE Tool 3-1: A Risk Management Program Planning Structure: The key to managing risk is to determine significant risk factors and prepare policies to address them. This newly updated version of Tool 3-1 helps firm principals design effective risk management programs. The tool features a grid template to focus on areas of engineering practice where risk may arise and helps to mitigate those risks. Foundation Five: Education CASE Tool 5-1: A Guide to the Practice of Structural Engineering: A university education provides graduates with many of the tools they need to practice structural engineering. But no matter how rigorous the curriculum, few graduates are fully prepared or know what to expect the first day on the job. Tool 5-1 aims to provide new graduates with a better understanding of how the profession works. CASE is the structural engineering coalition of ACEC designed to ensure the professional and financial success of structural engineering firms nationwide by providing tools and best practices to reduce claims, increase profitability, improve quality and enhance management practices. All documents contained within the CASE program are available for purchase at ACEC's Business Resources and Education Department provides comprehensive and accessible business management education for engineering company principals and their staffs. Visit ACEC's online educational events calendar at or bookstore at, or call 202-347-7474, ext. 324, for further information.

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Engineering Inc. - March/April 2014
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Engineering Inc. - March/April 2014