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TABLE OF I CONTENTS ENGINEERING NC. J U LY / A U G U S T 2 0 0 4 V o l . 15, No. 4 FEATURES INSTITUTE FOR BUSINESS MANAGEMENT The fall 2004 course catalog for ACEC's premier business education program. MARKET WATCH 6 Enhanced water funding is next major ACEC target. ACEC'S NEWLY ELECTED LEADERS 10 Their vision of the Council's f u t u re . ROAD BLOCK AHEAD 16 A Congressional traffic jam 28 puts more than $2 billion in highway funding in the breakdown lane. By Dana Wilkie BUILDING A RAINBOW COALITION 20 12 Diversity in engineering isn't only fair ... it's good for the bottom line, too. C OV E R STORY By Melanie D.G. Kaplan INTERVIEW WITH DONALD EVANS 12 2004 CONVENTION HIGHLIGHTS 28 The U.S. Secretary of Commerce, an engineer himself, CNN's Tucker Carlson key- pledges to be an advocate for engineers working anywhere noted at the Annual Convention in the world. in Colorado Springs. COVER PHOTO BY FORREST MACCORMACK D E PA R T M E N T S FROM ACEC TO YOU 2 ACEC FALL CONFERENCE 30 4 From Colorado to The Maine Event. The Maine Event features Howard Dean, Bill Bennett, and The Perfect Storm captain. NEWS & NOTES 4 MEMBERS IN THE NEWS 32 ACEC wins major victory in House and Senate on tax reduction for A/E firms; Ulteig Engineers acquires Larson-Peterson; ACEC/MA sues Mass. Turnpike Authority. Bowers & Associates merges with Vollmer Associates. LEGISL ATIVE ACTION 8 ONE ON ONE 36 TEA -21 conference gets underway; labor reform under attack; ACEC opposition John Woods of Woods-Peacock Engineering prompts SBA to drop size standard change Consultants discusses the risks and rewards proposal. of being a small firm. Engineering Inc. promotes the advocacy and business interests of ACEC by offering news, legislative analysis and business practice information to member firms, clients, opinion leaders and policy makers. The articles and editorials appearing in this magazine do not represent an official ACEC position or policy unless specifically identified as doing so.

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Engineering Inc. - July/August 2004