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MARKET WA T C H Spending on Water Facilities Can't Be Deferred Forever By Joe Salimando I Political Will n the 1958 Santa Anita Derby, to $446 billion point estimate ing to invest BILLIONS of dollars Silky Sullivan ridden by of $274 billion . But will voters support proposi- annually in highways and airways, Willie Shoemaker loped Dividing the point estimate tions and/or politicians who push we certainly should be willing to along 30 lengths behind the total $662 billion by 20, the for the needed investment? That's make the necessary investments in lead. But a mad dash just before EPA study calls for water spend- the obvious question. Water sys- our nation's waterways.' the race ended put Silky in front ing of $33 billion annually. tem investment advocates went to ACEC has continuously advo- of the other horses and into Interestingly, the water-spending The Luntz Research Companies cated the need for increased the history books. total for the four years 2000

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Engineering Inc. - July/August 2004