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new aCeC Chairman john hennessy (left) is introduced by aCeC President Dave raymond (below) at the Convention’s kick-off dinner. Political Fun-Raising More than 1,200 enjoy Convention Highlights: T 30 ENGINEERING INC. at annual Convention he comedic impersonators of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John McCain on stage at the kick-off dinner set a witty tone for the politically charged ACEC Annual Convention in Washington, D.C. More than 1,200 members and guests attended this year’s event, highlighted by visits to Capitol Hill, thought-provoking education sessions, the 42nd Annual Engineering Excellence Awards Gala and appearances from noted political analysts. “The variety of political discussions and programs were a great learning experience,” noted John Spina of C&S Engineers in Syracuse, N.Y. “My favorite part of the Convention was definitely the luncheon debate between Tucker Carlson and Paul Begala. It was fun listening to those guys.” “The political pundits were outstanding. Getting speakers such as these for the Convention is great for the attendees,” said Monty Miller of Sayre Associates in Sioux Falls, S.D. “I thought the sessions also were very good…they’re always pertinent to your business and you get a lot out of them.” “The CEO Roundtables were fabulous, and the Congressional Briefing was great,” added Linda Beacham of The Schemmer Associates, Inc., in Omaha, Neb. JULY / AUGUST 2008 John Hennessy succeeded Mac MacMurray as ACEC’s 2008–2009 chairman; five new members joined the 2008–2009 Executive Committee: Tim Psomas (chairman-elect), Terry Neimeyer, Craig M. Avery, James Duncan and Ted Williams. Candy Toler, ACEC/Tennessee executive director, will serve as the NAECE representative. n The Board of Directors discussed “drilling down deeper” into ACEC’s membership base to share Council programs and services with a broader range of Council members. n Jack Schenendorf of the National Surface Transportation Policy Commission addressed the Board and outlined challenges in securing infrastructure funding amid election-year politics. n ACEC/PAC raised more than $110,000 matching the all-time Annual Convention Record. n ACEC’s “citizen lobbyists” conducted nearly 200 congressional office visits. n More than 500 attended suspense-filled EEA Gala. n

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Engineering Inc. - July/August 2008
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Engineering Inc. - July/August 2008