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‘The Chance to Give Back’ Highlights 2008–2009 ExCom Answers to: “What was your motivation to become a leader in ACEC?” Chairman-Elect Timothy Psomas “My motivation for being a leader within ACEC is to improve the business climate for engineering companies. I find it especially satisfying working with like-minded leaders in our industry. I see this need and the opportunity for leadership at the local, state and national levels within ACEC.” Chairman John F. Hennessy III “My motivation for becoming a leader at ACEC comes from my grandfather and father, as well as a mentor. My grandfather taught me that with privilege comes responsibility to give back to your community and industry. One of my mentors, Arnold Windman, was president of ACEC in the ’80s. These forces showed me that one of the best ways to give back to one’s community and industry is by active participation in ACEC.” President & CEO David A. Raymond “My interest in ACEC was sparked some 10 years ago by Henry Michel, then chairman of Parsons Brinckerhoff. Henry said ACEC would be an opportunity to combine business acumen with the personal satisfaction of serving the industry. He also said it may be fun. And he was right on all scores.” Senior Vice Chairman Gregs G. Thomopulos “Giving back to the industry some of my time and knowledge is something I always wanted to do after over 40 years in private practice. Becoming a volunteer leader of ACEC—the voice of the engineering industry— was the best way to accomplish this goal. I find great satisfaction in working with the dedicated staff of ACEC, who do an excellent job representing and promoting the interests of our Member Firms.” 34 ENGINEERING INC. JULY / AUGUST 2008

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Engineering Inc. - July/August 2008
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Engineering Inc. - July/August 2008