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ACEC Fall Conference October 19–22, 2008 BUiLt ENviRoNMENt Sustainability in the Montréal Experience the “joie de vivre” of Montréal, ACEC’s first-rate speakers and educational programs, and spectacular networking events. Legendary Explorer Robert Ballard to Reveal Undersea Secrets Robert Ballard, world famous explorer, discoverer and historian who uncovered the wreck of the Titanic in 1985, will share his amazing stories and scientific insights. In a visually gripping presentation, Ballard will explain his passion for the last great uncharted territory on Earth—the ocean—and his vision for how new technology will continue to advance the frontiers of exploration. Ballard followed up his discovery of the Titanic—more than 13,000 feet below the surface of the North Atlantic—with discoveries of the wrecks of the Bismarck, the lost fleet of Guadalcanal, the USS Yorktown (sunk in World War II’s Battle of Midway) and President John F. Kennedy’s PT-109. He also discovered new life forms at the bottom of the ocean, where none thought life could exist. 36 ENGINEERING INC. JULY / AUGUST 2008 Noted Analyst Morton Kondracke to Provide Election Preview FOX News commentator Morton Kondracke, one of the nation’s most renowned political columnists, will provide his unique “inside-thebeltway” election insights. Kondracke has covered the insand-outs of Washington politics for 37 years, as the former Washington bureau chief for Newsweek, and executive editor and senior editor of The New Republic. He currently is a commentator on the FOX News’ Special Report with Brit Hume and is a weekly co-host of The Beltway Boys. He is also executive editor of Roll Call, and writes a twice-weekly political column syndicated to more than 400 newspapers nationwide. Canada

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Engineering Inc. - July/August 2008
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Engineering Inc. - July/August 2008