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2009–2010 ACEC Executive Committee On Hottest Trends Affecting Marketplace for Engineers Chairman-Elect Gerald Stump “Engineering companies must be aware of the constantly changing marketplace and developing new trends. New technologies represent a tremendous developing opportunity in coming years. As technology continues to advance and diversify, engineers are finding new ways to solve complicated problems. No group is better positioned to take advantage of technological advancement than engineers. The education and training of engineers is built on the premise of finding new and better ways to complete engineering analyses and meet our country’s needs.” Chairman Timothy Psomas “Sustainability has the potential to put engineers at the front of a fast-moving parade. Achieving a leadership role will require a broad perspective and the courage to challenge the status quo. The competition for engineers to lead will be stiff, but the potential rewards to our firms and the public at large are enormous. Unless our firms rise to the challenge soon, other stakeholders will seize this opportunity.” President & CEO David A. Raymond “The ‘energy revolution’ is coming on strong, and a transformation of the built environment is already under way. Whether in emerging energy sources, expanded energy efficiencies, ‘the smart grid,’ LEED-certified structures or government actions on climate change, every engineering firm in the country has a unique opportunity to help shape the future.” Treasurer Senior Vice Chairman Terry Neimeyer “I am most optimistic about the trend in sustainability in our business. Engineers can be the leaders in designing and maintaining sustainable infrastructure, and we can corner the international market as the innovative source of sustainable practices in the built environment. My firm recently built a LEED Silverrated headquarters, and the process was dominated by the engineering. This is not a fad that will fade away in a couple of years. This is here to stay—and who better to lead it than the firms of ACEC?” 26 ENGINEERING INC. July / AuGust 2009

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Engineering Inc. - July/August 2009
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Engineering Inc. - July/August 2009