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ACEC INTERVIEW WITH U.S. ENERGY PHOTO BY RON AIRA SECRETARY SAMUEL THE BODMAN FILE BODMAN S amuel Wright Bodman was sworn in as the 11th Secre- tary of Energy on February 1, 2005. He leads a depart- ment that has a budget in excess of $23 billion and more than 100,000 federal and contractor employees. Previously, Bodman served as T h e Department of Energy Deputy Secretary of the Treasury and the Deputy Secretary of l e a d e r discusses the need for the Department of Commerce. Bodman was born in 1938 in m o r e nuclear power plants, Chicago and graduated from Cornell innovative clean coal facilities, University in 1961 with a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering. In long-term reauthorization of the 1965, he received his doctorate from the Massachusetts Institute of Tech- P r i c e Anderson Act and the nology MIT and was appointed e n g i n e e r i n g industry's role in associate professor of chemical engineering at MIT. He then began improving the nation's energy work in the financial sector as technical director of the American infrastructure. Research and Development Corpo- ration, a pioneer venture capital firm. From there, Bodman went to ACEC CHAIRMAN ED MULCAHY: What do you Fidelity Venture Associates, a think is most significant about how the president's energy division of Fidelity Investments. package addresses the nation's energy needs? In 1983, Bodman was named S E C R E TARY S A M U E L B O D M A N : First of all, I president and COO of Fidelity think it's important to recognize that our energy problems Investments and a director of the have been years in the making, and they're not going to be Fidelity Group of Mutual Funds. solved overnight. There is no silver bullet that will resolve In 1987, Bodman joined Cabot these problems; rather, we must take a comprehensive Corporation, a Boston-based approach to dealing with the challenges that lie ahead of Fortune 300 company with global us. business activities in specialty During the last four and a half years, President Bush has chemicals and materials. He served championed an energy policy that includes a number of as chairman, CEO and as a director. different elements to help us move forward in dealing with Bodman is married and has three our energy issues. He has taken bold steps to ensure Amer- children, two stepchildren and ica's economic future through greater energy security by eight grandchildren. S e p t e m b e r l October 2005 ENGINEERING INC. 11

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