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The Other Side ROGRESS OF NEW COMMUNICATION ADVANCES FOR ENGINEERS PROMISE IMPROVED EFFICIENCY, BUT CAN RESULT IN THREATENING LITIGATION W By Heather B. Hayes hen a small firm in New England recently purchased two licenses for a new computer- aided design CAD software program, the owner thought only of the creative and pro- ductivity benefits the acquisition would pro- vide. He didn't realize that this seemingly innocuous action would set off a chain of events that eventually would threaten the solvency of his business. One night, an outside IT consultant, in performing his regular maintenance tasks for the company, made backup copies of the new software program and then without management's knowledge or approval copied them onto every other computer in the office. Some time later, a disgruntled employee sent a tip to the Business Software Alliance, an enforcement ILLUSTRATION BY DEREK LEA organization for the software industry, alerting them of the situation. And before long, the company owner received a letter from a high- powered San Francisco law firm, demanding over $50,000 in penalties and threatening litigation. 2 2 ENGINEERING INC. S e p t e m b e r l October 2005

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Engineering Inc. - September/October 2005