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BUSINESS I N S I G H T S F R O M ACEC'S INSTITUTE FOR BUSINESS MANAGEMENT IMPROVE YOUR CONTRACT NEGOTIATIONS, CLOSE WORKPLACE GENERATION GAP, NAVIGATE NEW DELIVERY SYSTEMS The Art of the Deal Clearing the Cloudy Project Delivery Picture If everyone thought and behaved the same way, we would never have Sorting through various options for delivering sophisticated engi- to negotiate anything. Unfortunately, that's not the case, particularly neering projects can be confusing. A firm must choose the most when it comes to contract negotiations for engineering projects. appropriate project delivery method from a list that includes Design- In a recent Web-based seminar titled Negotiating Better Engi- Bid-Build, Design-Build and Design/Contract-Build, as well as neering Contracts: A Win-Win Situation, Gary Bates of Cincin- Construction Management at Risk and Design-Build-Operate. nati-based Roenker Bates Group led participants through various Shedding light on this complicated equation is a new ACEC pub- strategies and tactics for planning and conducting more effective lication titled Project Delivery Systems Owner's Manual, developed by negotiating sessions. former Department of Transportation head Thomas R. Warne in It all begins with a better understanding of the nature of conflict association with ACEC's Management Practices Committee. It pre- and how it affects our business and personal lives, says Bates. A few sents a comprehensive analysis of which delivery systems are most top tips from Bates include: effective in successfully completing today's dynamic infrastructure,

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Engineering Inc. - September/October 2005