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ONE ON ONE Coal-Fired Generation to Lead Power Market; Trade Reforms Needed Q. To what extent do U.S. headed, and what are the main infrastructure. This has support- trade policies, and those of our challenges? ers among private companies trading partners, help or hinder and detractors among public A. The power generation mar- your international work? And entities. The issue ultimately ket currently is in a slow, steady what specific advice do you have affects the end user who pays growth cycle. We anticipate coal- for policy makers to limit trade the fees, regardless of the financ- fired generation to take the lead barriers facing the engineering ing mechanism. Alternative in the coming years, with industry? solutions are needed to bridge increased focus on Integrated the gap between our needs for A. U.S. and international Gasification Combined Cycle improved infrastructure and trade policies impact many and other clean coal technolo- funding those needs. Regulatory aspects of our global business, gies. A greater emphasis on requirements are not the only Len C. Rodman is chairman, from differences in licensing pro- renewable technologies is answer, particularly when they president and CEO of Black & cedures that affect the free flow expected, primarily with wind place nearly impossible financial Veatch Corporation in of services between countries, to and solar. Nuclear generation is burdens on cities and states. Overland Park, Kan. differing government regulations being revisited as an alternative Q. What potential impact are that add costs and decrease com- to fossil fuels, with the possibility Q. Black & Veatch Corpora- you anticipating from the new petitiveness of non-local compa- of a first new plant starting con- tion has achieved impressive energy bill? nies. U.S. immigration policies struction toward the end of the growth since being founded in also impact our business when decade. Challenges in this mar- A. The energy bill includes 1915, becoming a leading global they place artificial caps on the ket will be acceptance of coal as a incentives that would accelerate engineering, consulting and number of foreign clients, profes- clean-fuel option, evolving tech- development of new power gen- construction company. What are sionals and students who can nologies to achieve affordable eration projects, particularly in the primary reasons for your enter our country. These caps, options for renewable energy, clean coal, renewable and nuclear firm's success, both nationally combined with a U.S. education acceptance that nuclear is safer fuels. Since we are involved in and internationally? system that's not producing than in the past and addressing power generation involving every enough science and engineering the issue of nuclear waste. A. Through the years we have fuel source, the bill has the talent, will inevitably affect our Q. Water infrastructure is had leaders at all levels of the potential to create new opportu- domestic growth and global another major area for Black & company who were both great nities for us. It also would allow competitiveness. We urge policy Veatch. In addition to putting engineers and entrepreneurs. companies outside the traditional makers to address non-tariff bar- more federal resources into They saw opportunities when utility industry to invest in the riers that inhibit regulatory trans- water and wastewater projects, others saw unmanageable risks. country's transmission system, parency and expansion of global do you see a need for more They established strong teams of bringing opportunities for our business; we urge immigration innovative public/private financ- professionals that understood transmission and delivery busi- officials to allow more foreign ing mechanisms in the future to technology and risk manage- ness. Incentives for refineries students to pursue higher educa- bridge the gap between ment and allowed us to be would quicken both the permit- tion in our country; and we urge resources and requirements? known around the world for ting process and construction of educators to produce more sci- solving complex and truly chal- new facilities, opening the door ence and engineering talent. A. There is a movement in lenging projects. That drive, for more projects for our gas, oil Q. Power plant projects are a the industry to increase the combined with a passion for our and chemicals business. strong, traditional market of funding cap on private activity mission of Building a World of Black & Veatch. In what direc- bonds for water and wastewater Difference, has led the com- tion do you see this market projects to improve our aging pany to its current stature. 3 6 E N G I N E E R I N G INC. S e p t e m b e r l October 2005

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