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PUBLISHED BY THE AMERICAN COUNCIL OF ENGINEERING COMPANIES NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2004 I ENGINEERING NC. ENGINEERING THE AWARD-WINNING BUSINESS MAGAZINE Fortune 500 and ACEC Firms Discuss Procurement and Project Delivery Accounting UNFINISHED Software Goes Hi-Tech for A/E BUSINESS Do You Have Enough Insurance What the Bush for the Big Project? Victory Means for the Engineering Dean/Bennett: A Big Hit at Industry The Maine Event Engineering Inc. ACEC Wins Major Tax Cut Wins Top for A/E Firms National Award 2005 Annual Convention Preview page 24

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Table of Contents
From ACEC to You
Ask Members
News & Notes
Legislative Action
Four More Years
Beyond Bean Counting
ACEC Executive Roundtable
Balancing Reward and Risk
Fall Conference
Members in the News
One on One

Engineering Inc. - November/December 2004