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the ADA house Of Delegates ADA House of Delegates 2010 Schedule First Meeting * Saturday, October 9 1:30pm – 6:30pm Reference Committee Hearings Location: Hilton Orlando Sunday, October 10 Staggered times Second Meeting Tuesday, October 12 8:00am – Noon Voting by credentialed delegates for all contested ADA officer elections will be held Tuesday morning beginning at 6:30am, Hilton Orlando Third Meeting Tuesday, October 12 1:00pm – 5:00pm Fourth Meeting Wednesday, October 13 8:00am – Close of business * Times are approximate and may be slightly modified. Final information will be included in the Manual of the House of Delegates. 1 Get the BIG PIctuRe additional details on the business sessions. Meeting information will also be posted in the House of Delegates area on Attire: The Speaker has indicated that “Resort Business Wear” would be appropriate for meetings of the House of Delegates. Business wear includes casual slacks, knit shirt with collar and optional sports jacket for men; slacks and skirts or dresses for women. Anyone may attend the meetings of the House of Delegates as a visitor, upon display of a 151st ADA Annual Session badge. Hilton Orlando Orlando Ballroom, Lower Level As the legislative and governing body, the House of Delegates is the supreme authority in the American Dental Association. As such, it speaks for the 157,000 members of the Association and for the dental profession in the United States. The hours of the reference committee hearings will be staggered in order to facilitate the attendance of participants at more hearings. Reference committee members receive and evaluate opinions and information on resolutions that have been placed before them so that they can present well-informed recommendations to the House of Delegates. All members of the ADA have the right to attend and participate in the discussion. The Manual of the House of Delegates and the September issue of The Journal of the American Dental Association will include final information regarding meeting and voting times, specific room assignments for reference committees and Register today: 19

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