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Survival of the Fittest What can mid-size companies do to keep up with their larger rivals in an increasingly aggressive environment? generics sales. Up until recently we have seen most of the Paul Mendelsohn, he generics sector has grown at a fast pace over the T consolidation and international expansion in the past few years, outperforming the pharmaceutical consultant, in conjunction with European markets, but now the top US companies are market as a whole. Generics growth opportunities are IMS Health, UK. starting to look overseas, as seen with Barr's moves to significant, with an estimated $100 billion worth of purchase Pliva. The generics market consolidation has branded pharmaceutical products going off patent by been accelerating, but what has this done to change the 2010, of which $21 billion worth expires in 2006. landscape of the European generics market? And what Although US and major European generic drug sales effect has this had on the market for the mid-size increased rapidly from 2000 to 2003, there has been a generics companies? slowdown in growth during 2004 in the major Despite high-profile combinations, such as those commodity markets. In response to growing competition between Sandoz and Hexal or Teva and IVAX, the in the generic pharmaceutical market place, some of the pharmaceuticals industry still hasn't consolidated to the major generics players have consolidated for economies levels seen in other sectors and there is still potential for of scale. The two largest M&A deals in the generics further consolidation: market in recent years have been the acquisition of Eon and HEXAL Labs by Sandoz in February 2005, and the The top 20 generics manufacturers by sales value acquisition of IVAX by Teva in January 2006. Now mid-size combined still have less than 45% of the total the top 20

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European Overview: Competition Time
Growth Strategies: Survival of the Fittest
Pharma Defence Strategies: Fighting Fire with Fire
Biogenerics: The Evolution of Biosimilars
Branding and Marketing: What's in a Name?
Branding and Marketing: A New World Order
Legal: Balancing Acts
Q&A: Champion of Industry
Q&A: Courting Consolidation
Market Outlook: Top Five Trends

Pharmaceutical Executive Europe - September 2006