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Fighting Fire with Fire As branded pharma becomes intertwined with generics, the boundaries between the two industries are beginning to blur. The threat of generics has also grown in intensity y the year 2008, industry observers expect $80 Amanda Zuniga B because generics have become more aggressive both billion worth of branded drugs to lose market is a research analyst at Cutting in entering markets and securing market share once exclusivity. With so much revenue at stake, Edge Information, USA. available. Over the next 5 years, IMS Health estimates pharmaceutical companies have had to adopt amanda_zuniga that the sales of generics will grow at a 22% rate generics defence strategies to protect their market annually, whereas branded drug sales are expected to share from copycat competition. grow by only 10%. This environment plus a multitude Before focusing on the pharmaceutical industry's of other evolving industry factors, such as pricing and latest generics defence tactics, however, it is critical to reimbursement issues, have compelled fully comprehend what is at risk for brands that face pharmaceutical companies to develop more generics competition. A branded drug can expect, on extensive life cycle management programmes at average, to lose 15

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Pharmaceutical Executive Europe - September 2006

European Overview: Competition Time
Growth Strategies: Survival of the Fittest
Pharma Defence Strategies: Fighting Fire with Fire
Biogenerics: The Evolution of Biosimilars
Branding and Marketing: What's in a Name?
Branding and Marketing: A New World Order
Legal: Balancing Acts
Q&A: Champion of Industry
Q&A: Courting Consolidation
Market Outlook: Top Five Trends

Pharmaceutical Executive Europe - September 2006