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Champion of Industry In over 10 years as director general of the EGA, Greg Perry has helped the generics industry make great strides across Europe . But, he says, there is a great deal to be done before the landscape resembles a level playing field. efore his appointment as director general of the We've helped improve the rate of generic B European Generic Medicines Association EGA in penetration in many countries. We've seen increases 1993, Greg Perry was no stranger to the European in countries where the rate of generic penetration political arena. He had previously worked in the was high already, such as the UK and Denmark, European parliament and for a political consultancy although we've not yet achieved the rate we want to that initially represented the EGA. Such a background in countries such as France and Portugal. has been essential in leading the Association over I think the other important achievement has been myriad legislative, cultural and political hurdles. our ability to influence the EU accession treaties in Recently, Greg took some time from his busy schedule relation to pharmaceuticals. For example, working in to talk to Pharm Exec Europe. conjunction with the relevant national associations, we were able to limit the application of the What are the EGA's goals and what has it supplementar y protection certificate SPC in Poland achieved so far? and Hungary. Our principle goal is to ensure that there is a What are the obstacles currently facing the development of the generics market in Europe; by generics industry in Europe? that I mean to ensure that there is affordable, sustainable healthcare for European patients. In certain southern countries, principally Italy and Our first achievement really was putting the Spain, there is still an antiquated view of generics; generics industry into the main frame of decision there is a questioning of the quality, safety and making, both at the European and national levels. efficacy of generics there, which is certainly not the When we were established in 1993, the generics view across the rest of Europe. industr y had no voice whatsoever. Indeed, it was There's also a problem in relation to biosimilars. regarded with either ignorance or hostility. So there Although we now have the biosimilar pathway and has been quite a substantial change in that area. we're very proud that Europe is about to become the As a result of that too there have been some world leader in the research, development and specific changes in the law, the most important in the production of biosimilars, the originator industry is regulator y area; the Bolar Provision, for example, has now attempting to prevent biosimilar medicines from been good for the generics industry.1 having the same international non-proprietary name 28 SEPTEMBER 2006 GENERICS

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Pharmaceutical Executive Europe - September 2006

European Overview: Competition Time
Growth Strategies: Survival of the Fittest
Pharma Defence Strategies: Fighting Fire with Fire
Biogenerics: The Evolution of Biosimilars
Branding and Marketing: What's in a Name?
Branding and Marketing: A New World Order
Legal: Balancing Acts
Q&A: Champion of Industry
Q&A: Courting Consolidation
Market Outlook: Top Five Trends

Pharmaceutical Executive Europe - September 2006