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16 Drug Launch February 2008 Pharmaceutical Executive Europe The Preparation Game Merete Kræmmer discusses qualitative aspects to consider when assessing launch preparedness. ales forecast, market growth, sales force bonus schemes: these are some of the highly quantitative aspects that are focused on during launch preparations and launch preparedness assessments for prescription drug brands. These are, of course, crucial for determining the return-on-investment (ROI) for the compounds in a portfolio of launch candidates. Once a launch candidate has been selected, promotional spend on a particular target group, goals for brand share of voice, and number of physicians with brand clinical experience at launch must be carefully analysed and compared to competitors in the countries in which the brand is about to be launched. As well as the quantitative parameters listed above, there are a number of qualitative aspects that are of major importance. In this article, we discuss those aspects and show how to identify potential pitfalls in country launch preparedness, based on experiences of launching a prescription drug as second-tomarket in a highly competitive environment. S Plan structure Once a clear strategic guidance from the company HQ is in place and the marketing team is focused on getting the strategic message out to the prescribers, the first qualitative aspect to consider in launch preparedness is the ‘red thread’; that is, the critical success factors that run through the launch plan. In the planning, there must be a clear link between the marketing organisation’s market understanding and the strengths/weaknesses/ opportunities/threats (SWOT) analysis. The SWOT should help identify the right critical success factors in the launch market, and these must be thoroughly addressed in the activity plan. For the activities, the relevant key performance indicators

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Pharmaceutical Executive Europe - February 2008
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Pharmaceutical Executive Europe - February 2008