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20 Q&A: Competitive Intelligence February 2008 Pharmaceutical Executive Europe Pharm Exec Europe: Proprietary information and intellectual property laws have huge implications for pharma. Does this make CI more or less prevalent in pharma than other industries? Neil Mahoney: Actually, other industries started CI before pharma. In 1990, I got involved with competitive intelligence through telecommunications, and [pharma] followed that trend. I came up on the planning side of pharma; what I saw in the 1980s was too much emphasis on internal portfolio, and a very weak bringing-in of outside views. Pharma was beginning to use market research to look at product profiles, but wasn’t looking at what competitors were doing, so planning was kind of introspective. It was “What do I have in discovery, and how do I want to project that as future cash flows?” Then the industry got more competitive — because laws changed and the Generics Act came in — and the dynamics changed. All of a sudden, in the late 80s, the whole industry realised they had to get better at planning processes, because we had gone from 40-year life cycles down to 10 — it was a dramatic change, and it revealed weakness in the industry. Senior management recognised that we had to have a better planning process. To do that, we had to get a better view of the competitive landscape. And so it was then that CI groups began to surface in the pharma industry. It’s been hard to keep CI consistent in a lot of companies; there seems to be, at least in my opinion, a view that a lot more legal danger exists than is the reality. You don’t see that many court cases. Part of the CI function is to provide a framework of ethics to make sure it’s not improper. Most instances where I’ve seen legal problems were when there wasn’t a CI professional involved, and there have been very few cases of that. Getting a Head Start Neil Mahoney, principal of Global Business Management Concepts, tells Pharm Exec Europe’s Victoria Farrell that it’s high time pharma companies embraced competitive intelligence (CI).

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Pharmaceutical Executive Europe - February 2008
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Pharmaceutical Executive Europe - February 2008