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24 Clinical Trials February 2008 Pharmaceutical Executive Europe Establishing Trials in China China’s appeal as a location for clinical trials is well documented, but there are some hurdles to clear before a pharma company can successfully tap into its resources, says Angus Cameron. ccording to IMS data, China’s pharmaceutical market has been growing at a rate of about two billion dollars per year. With a pharmaceutical industry already worth more than $15 billion at the end of 2006, the country is predicted to become, along with the UK, the fifth largest pharmaceutical market by 2010, just behind the US, Japan, France and Germany.1 Key to this remarkable growth are a number of powerful demographic forces shaping the nation. China is rapidly developing, with a rising gross domestic product. As the country and its economy modernise, and a growing middle class emerges, demand for advanced healthcare is increasing, and the population is moving beyond the basic anti-infective treatments common in a developing society to demand pharmaceuticals that will improve the quality of their lives. A Diseases that previously may have gone unrecognised are increasingly being diagnosed and aggressively treated. These include ‘modern’ medical conditions such as depression, with a projected 50–70 million patients in need of care in China by 2015, and diabetes, with a projected 60–70 million patients by 2015. China’s ageing population is also a factor. In 2006, approximately 25% of the population was over the age of 50. By 2020, that number is expected to be nearly 40%. As the population ages, demand for drugs treating ailments and diseases such as arthritis and diabetes will correspondingly increase. Clinical research The demographic forces at play driving China’s growth as a market for pharmaceuticals are also increasing its importance as a centre

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Pharmaceutical Executive Europe - February 2008