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RUNNING HEAD Contents Leadership The Cycle of Success Dan White Your career has seasons of growth and development, and each season brings new challenges. Dan White explores how to plant and nurture the seeds of success as your work climate evolves. page 8 Marketing Survival Tactics Brian D. Smith As the dynamics of the pharma industry change and the emphasis for revenue generation shifts from R&D to the marketers, what qualities, skills and adjustments are needed to survive the transition? page 11 Networking Career Connections Michael Beale How can you approach your networking in order to optimize your career development opportunities, boost sales, improve your health and offer help to others? page 16 Coaching Bringing Out the Best Nick Hicks and Libby Robinson To get the most out of coaching, it’s important to understand how it differs from a conventional training and appreciate it as a ‘transformational’ — as opposed to ‘transactional’ — process. page 20 Training and Education Learning the Fast Way Kate Jackson Many pharm execs lack the time and resources to study for a MBA, although the qualification is undeniably useful in today’s work environment. There is, however, an alternative — the mini-MBA. page 22 Training and Education Business Class Roderick Millar With a lack of talent endemic in the pharma industry, Roderick Millar examines the benefits of customdesigned training programmes, where teachers effectively become facilitators and consultants. page 24 Training and Education Simulation Training Kevin Dolgin The advantages of putting reps through simulation training may not seem immediately obvious — but it provides real practice with a higher level of involvement, and the reps aren’t likely to forget it. page 28 From the Editor Room for Improvement? page 6 Mini-MBAS A selection of mini-MBA courses from Europe and the US. page 22 3

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From the Editor
The Cycle of Success
Survival Tactics
Career Connections
Bringing Out the Best
Learning the Fast Way
Business Class
Simulation Training

Pharmaceutical Executive Europe - April 2007