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18 Technology: CIO Focus April 2008 Pharmaceutical Executive Europe Why CIOs Need the ‘X Factor’ George Laszlo explains why the role of the CIO should be central to pharma and biopharma corporate strategy. s the position of the chief information officer (CIO) one of the most insecure on the planet? One would think so when reading the flurry of articles written about them, regardless of the industry they serve. In our own industry, there are reasons to be concerned. The sense of insecurity is real for many reasons, none more telling than the common refrain that those on the information management side are continuing to struggle with the need to connect with the business. Were the problem and desire to make this connection a new one, one could feel positive that it has been recognised and plans are in place to improve it. Unfortunately, the problem has been with us for over 20 years and seems to linger like a chronic disease with no cure on the horizon. If something is truly wrong, is it not the job of the CIO to fix it? The answer is yes and no. For the CIO does not operate in a vacuum and must be able to work with all parts of the business. To work effectively, (s)he must be enabled, empowered and supported I by her/his superiors and peers or all those who carry the ‘x’ gene in their title. These are the CxOs within the company, such as the chief executive officer, chief financial officer, chief R&D officer, chief human resources officer, chief manufacturing officer, chief marketing officer, etc. Without the X factor in play, the CIO cannot succeed. Without leadership, effective management and strong collaboration from and among these individuals, everything that the CIO attempts to do will be below par or result in failure. So what is to be expected from each of them? The CEO The key function of the CEO is to lead. This must be true in the area of information management (IM), with the CEO taking responsibility for supporting the vision for IM and creating the organisational and governance environments that will allow it to succeed. Based on the recognition that our industry is essentially George Doyle/Getty Images

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Pharmaceutical Executive Europe - April 2008
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Pharmaceutical Executive Europe - April 2008

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