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26 Technology: Publication Planning April 2008 Pharmaceutical Executive Europe P ublication planning should be an essential part of any framework for major communication programmes. Without it, there may be gaps in your strategy and you could be missing our on an attractive target audience. But how many of you have made the link between employing the internet and digital publications to create truly integrated marketing campaigns? It is clear that, in the age of Web 2.0, integration of the web into marketing plans is not only advisable, it is essential. The web has brought about a revolutionary change in the way that people search and access information and knowledge. The development and use of sites such as Wikipedia and Google’s recently announced Knol represent a continuing expectation that information is logically organised, relevant and universally accessible. As part of this ‘information revolution,’ the internet has fundamentally changed the realities of distributing published scientific knowledge, and thus the landscape of publication planning for pharmaceutical companies. New markets in digital publishing have emerged over the last decade, particularly with the advent of open access publishing — where scientific knowledge is made freely and permanently accessible online immediately upon publication. Some pharma companies have been keen to exploit this format’s huge clinical and research-based audience. But why haven’t more pharmacos moved their publication planning into the digital realm? Overcoming digital fears We all strive to maintain that blended mix of communication channels to get our messages across. However, past negative experiences, where eggs have all been put into one ‘online basket,’ have had the effect of dissuading many from plunging into a true digital publication planning campaign. There is a tangible sense of fear within the industry — a fear of the unknown and a fear of its associated technologies. Some feel that whilst their sales figures are being achieved, that there’s no need to venture wholeheartedly into online publication planning. Digital channels are able to offer instant insight into the progress of your campaigns and also the ability to respond to that insight immediately. They are, by their very nature, highly customisable and very measurable. By using electronic publication planning, product managers can target their audiences with the highest level of accuracy. Print adverts, once the mainstay tool of pharmaceutical marketing have now been superseded by contextual online advertising targeted down to an individuals’ specified clinical/research interests, or even through ads determined by internet browsing history. These methods not only drive traffic to your sites and products, but also reduce the number of irrelevant messages exposed to your end users. Online publications can allow your campaigns to be altered and updated almost instantly. Whilst being able to narrow-cast into Online and On-message Pharma is inevitably turning to the internet in their quest for effective publication planning, but few have truly maximised real potential. Matt McKay reports. sot/Getty Images

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