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4 From the Editor April 2008 Pharmaceutical Executive Europe Pharmaceutical Executive Advancing business leadership Get with the Program ell, we made it. After all these years developing sales force and customer relationship management (CRM) technology, we’re finally there. We’ve nailed it. The sales force has everything covered: advanced analytics, closed loop marketing, e-detailing, simulation-based training. I can’t think of anything else we need. Oh yes, there is one thing — a complete change in attitude. That was one of the messages I took away from this month’s 6th annual eyeforpharma Sales Force Effectiveness (SFE) conference in Barcelona. Last year’s event, according to many, went in for technology overload, but things were a little different this year. There was an accepted understanding, it seemed, that successful SFE and CRM are not matters of technology, but of behaviour. One of the burning questions was “how do we actually use all this technology if the thinking doesn’t change?” Indeed, there was a fear that, paradoxically, a sector as technologically advanced as sales and marketing is in danger of being left behind in the face of a customer-base that has changed overwhelmingly in the way it requires its information. Calls for a change in management behaviour are not unusual at conferences such as this, but the urgency expressed here was palpable. And much sensible advice was offered as a result: we must change from ‘silo’ to ‘customer-facing’ thinking; we must focus on the patient and not the disease; we must think like a customer; we must transform sales reps into ‘service’ reps. But perhaps the liveliest suggestion came from Citobi’s Pierre de Nayer (an interview with whom you can find here). Mr De Nayer suggests that ‘trust’ is the biggest problem in the pharma industry, and recommends using the truth as a sales tool. “We are moving from a primary care to a secondary care industry, so now we have to convey more sophisticated messages,” he says. “We have lots of technologies for listening to physician needs, but unless they deal in the truth they are worth nothing. The only way to do this is to do it truthfully.” Sounds like it’s worth a shot. Pharmaceutical Executive Europe provides industry intelligence so managers in the European pharmaceutical community can advance their business, management and marketing practices to gain competitive advantage. PEE interprets the current and future challenges the industry faces and enables pharmaceutical professionals to overcome them with cost-effective, time-saving solutions. 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