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Pharmaceutical Executive Europe May 2008 Sales and Marketing 25 What Doctors Want As the pharma industry moves from a sales to a service model, Andrew Brana reviews a recent study surveying the needs and expectations of physicians in Europe and the US. he pharmaceutical industry is undergoing a seismic shift from traditional sales models, focused on high volume message delivery to new physician-centric service models, built around meeting customer needs. The industry’s move to service models is driven by the recognition that it needs a major refocusing to reinvigorate its relationships with physicians. The new service models centre on understanding physicians’ needs and expectations around a brand and implementing sustained physician engagements that deliver high-value sales and service experiences. This approach is designed to build long-term physician relationships and strong brand commitment, leading to greater usage. So which experiences do doctors value most? To answer that question, TNS Healthcare conducted research in early 2008 with more than 1500 primary care physicians (PCPs) in the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and the US. TNS asked doctors whether they see changes in the industry’s sales approach, what brand services they value most, and how effectively fifteen leading companies are delivering key sales and service experiences. T Interact, educate and inform The services physicians value in their relationship with pharmaceutical companies have some commonalities across countries, but also some key variances. In all countries, physicians still place great value on their interactions with reps. Another key finding, however, was that a high percentage of doctors across the six countries also now place very high value on physician education and information services. Room to improve Just under half of the responding PCPs say they see a change towards a service model in their recent experiences with pharmaceutical companies. The highest percentage of PCPs reporting change were in Spain (51%) and the UK (49%.) Italy (38%) and Germany (41%) have the lowest percentages reporting a change. Physicians indicate seeing some performance improvement in all areas, including rep capabilities and brand support services. Clearly, many physicians are experiencing the industry’s change in its selling approach. There is a long way to go, however, with half of physicians still not seeing any change. When asked where they see the greatest improvement, European PCPs identify three areas: patient management, education and support; physician education and information services; and internet-based services for physicians. US PCPs report the highest service increases in these three same areas, plus internet-based services for patients. Jon Feingersh Photography Inc/Getty Images

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