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March 2010 The present and the future of… CHALLENGES AND TRENDS IN LYOPHILISATION 2 Key considerations when developing a freeze-dried formulation and current trends Freeze drying LATEST ISSUES, INSIGHTS AND INNOVATIONS 6 7 8 10 11 12 13 14 15 Engineering trends and developments in lyophilisation Selecting a freeze dryer Cleaning freeze dryers Computer modelling the freeze drying process Vacuum H2O2 gas sterilisation in lyophilisers: a future alternative? ‘Thermal fingerprinting’: a way to optimise lyophilisation Freeze drying of biologicals Developing a safe lyophilised adjuvant vaccine Measuring headspace gas concentrations and residual moisture content TOP TECHNOLOGIES 16 Getty Images/Xxxxxx Eight latest technologies showcased

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Pharmaceutical Technology Europe - March 2010
Key Considerations when Developing a Freeze-Dried Formulation and Current Trends
Engineering Trends and Developments in Lyophilisation
Selecting a Freeze Dryer
Cleaning Freeze Dryers
Computer Modeling the Freeze Drying Process
Vacuum H2O2 Gas Sterilisation in Lyophilisers: A Future Alternative?
'Thermal Fingerprinting': A Way to Optimise Lyophilisation
Freeze Drying of Biologicals
Developing a Safe Lyophilisied Adjuvant Vaccine
Measuring Headspace/Gas Concentrations and Residual Moisture Content
Eight Latest Technologies Showcased

Pharmaceutical Technology Europe - March 2010