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Serialisation is here to stay Serialisation enables serialisation process products to be tracked can be effective. throughout the supply Another challenge chain, from the production is that serialisation of raw materials right down introduces a new to the dispensing pharmacy. production line In contrast to many process, which may other anti-counterfeiting lead to reductions in methods, serialisation is all line availability and about unique data rather performance, as well Frank Borrmann than unique packaging as an increase in the Mettler Toledo Garve ns so there is no need to false rejects of good use counterfeit-proof products. However, packaging and markings, such as these issues can be mitigated simply holograms. The actual serialisation by choosing the right equipment. of the product is also quite simple Ideally, the chosen system should and inexpensive once the correct be able to cope with high-speed equipment has been integrated into packaging lines and should be the production line. capable of holding the package The disadvantages of serialisation stably and correctly so that it can be are the complexity of the supply marked and verified. Unfortunately, chain and the enormous amount the introduction of a serialisation of data that is produced; database process normally causes an increase administration structures and read of false rejects, but a good system and write access rights to the data should be able to ensure this is no all need to be finalised before a more than 0.02%. It is no great challenge for a good counterfeiter to copy a package and any serialisation marking that is present. This is why traceability is key. Legislation will require that each person in the supply chain who handles the It is no great challenge for a good counterfeiter to copy a package and any serialisation marking that is present. product to update the data and record when and from whom the product was received, and when and to whom the product was sent. To tell whether a product was counterfeit or not, you could request the tracking information for the serial number, which would show the complete history of the package. If you received the product from anyone other than the last person who entered in the data, the product is counterfeit. Serialisation will have a drastic effect on the number of counterfeit products on the market; however, it is far too early to fully see this at present and we will have to wait a few years to see noticeable reductions. PTE Based on a contribution by Frank Borrmann, Senior Serialisation Solution Project Manager at Mettler Toledo Garvens. To read the full version of this article, go to 1 CONTENTS 8 EDIBLE MICROTAGS 3 OVERCOMING OBSTACLES 9 X-RAY ANALYSIS 4 EU LEGISLATION 11 RAMAN SPECTROSCOPY 6 DATA MATRIX CODES 14 TOP TECHNOLOGIES

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Pharmaceutical Technology Europe - July 2010
Can Pharma Keep Pace with the Counterfeiters?
Obstacles to Implementing an Effective Anti-Counterfeit Strategy: Can They Be Overcome?
EU Anti-Counterfeiting Legislation on its Way
You Can't Control What You Can't Measure
Data Matrix Barcodes: Points to Consider
Authenticating Drugs with Edible Microtags
The Power of X-Ray Analysis
NIR Chemical Imaging Could Hold Key Data
How Raman Spectroscopy is Benefitting Developing and Developed Countries
Overt Versus Convert Technologies
Serialisation is Here to Stay
Eight Latest Technologies Showcased

Pharmaceutical Technology Europe - July 2010