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Top Technologies Automatic labeller Marchesini’s labelling machine model BL400 is available in a variety of versions that apply track and trace codes to pharmaceutical products. The BL400VTEXL version is an automatic machine that applies one vignette label on the top of a carton and two on the corners of the carton. Additionally, the machine prints Data Matrix codes on three positions (top face and two flaps) of a carton and utilises stop motion to guarantee maximum precision in applying the labels. The system can operate at a maximum speed of 450 cartons/min. Marchesini Group SpA • Serialisation systems Two new serialisation solutions are available from Mettler Toledo Garvens: the XMV (Mark and Vision), is a compact and complete serialisation system, and the XS2 MV, which has both serialisation and checkweighing capabilities. Both systems provide full traceability to meet global legal requirements and are also equipped with user security access. Additionally, the systems have been designed to work with a large variety of marking and vision inspection systems, and can operate up to a speed of 90 m/min. Mettler Toledo Garvens • Security taggants 2D barcode verifier Conforming to ISO, GS1 and pharmaceutical standards, Axicon’s 12000 2D barcode verifier verifies 2D barcodes using an easy-to-understand pass/fail message. The result is also accompanied by full diagnostics information to enable the user to identify faults and apply corrective action. According to the company, the solution is extremely easy to use: install the software on a PC, connect the verifier, position the barcode and press a button. Results are displayed on the screen instantly. Axicon Auto ID Ltd • Payne Security offers its taggant authentication solution for on-site or in-field applications. The taggants are small enough to be easily included in inks, and can be applied using most standard printing, spray coating and inkjet printing techniques. The taggants can also be embedded in packaging materials such as cartons, overwrap, labels and tapes. The taggants can only be verified with the company’s handheld reader, which is lightweight and enables quick identification in different environments. Payne Security • 1 CONTENTS 8 EDIBLE MICROTAGS 3 OVERCOMING OBSTACLES 9 X-RAY ANALYSIS 4 EU LEGISLATION 11 RAMAN SPECTROSCOPY 6 DATA MATRIX CODES 14 TOP TECHNOLOGIES

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Pharmaceutical Technology Europe - July 2010
Can Pharma Keep Pace with the Counterfeiters?
Obstacles to Implementing an Effective Anti-Counterfeit Strategy: Can They Be Overcome?
EU Anti-Counterfeiting Legislation on its Way
You Can't Control What You Can't Measure
Data Matrix Barcodes: Points to Consider
Authenticating Drugs with Edible Microtags
The Power of X-Ray Analysis
NIR Chemical Imaging Could Hold Key Data
How Raman Spectroscopy is Benefitting Developing and Developed Countries
Overt Versus Convert Technologies
Serialisation is Here to Stay
Eight Latest Technologies Showcased

Pharmaceutical Technology Europe - July 2010