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Data Matrix barcodes: points to consider A 2D Data Matrix barcode contains data that enable a product to be identified, and can also incorporate additional attributes, such as the batch number and expiry date and, if required, unique serial numbers. Certain modules of the barcode can also be used as error correction values in case the data does not decode correctly. These variable data requirements make it necessary to print the barcodes when the product is being packaged, but there are certain potential problems that must be taken into consideration. The structure of the Data Matrix barcode requires the perimeter of the symbol to be well defined because this is where scanners begin when they attempt to decode the data. There is a finder pattern (which is usually square) where two adjacent sides create a shape that looks like an ‘L’ (Figure 1), and the opposite two adjacent sides consist of alternating dark and light modules. An area of clear space must be left around this finder pattern to enable the scanner to easily locate the Data Matrix barcode. If the finder pattern is not well printed, it may lead to problems with decoding the barcode. Figure 1: Data Matrix finder pattern. Figure 2: Data Matrix code with horizontal gap. 1 CONTENTS 8 EDIBLE MICROTAGS 3 OVERCOMING OBSTACLES 9 X-RAY ANALYSIS 4 EU LEGISLATION 11 RAMAN SPECTROSCOPY 6 DATA MATRIX CODES 14 TOP TECHNOLOGIES

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Pharmaceutical Technology Europe - July 2010
Can Pharma Keep Pace with the Counterfeiters?
Obstacles to Implementing an Effective Anti-Counterfeit Strategy: Can They Be Overcome?
EU Anti-Counterfeiting Legislation on its Way
You Can't Control What You Can't Measure
Data Matrix Barcodes: Points to Consider
Authenticating Drugs with Edible Microtags
The Power of X-Ray Analysis
NIR Chemical Imaging Could Hold Key Data
How Raman Spectroscopy is Benefitting Developing and Developed Countries
Overt Versus Convert Technologies
Serialisation is Here to Stay
Eight Latest Technologies Showcased

Pharmaceutical Technology Europe - July 2010