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A SWOT analysis of the biosimilars market Biosimilars present an attractive opportunity for small biotech companies seeking to capitalise on the success of originator biotechnology products with proven safety and efficacy. The biosimilar model, however, will not provide sustained market success unless biosimilars manufacturers take certain additional risks to differentiate their products in more ways than on price alone. A Strengths (S), Weaknesses (W), Opportunities (O) and Threats (T) analysis of the biosimilars market follows. PTE Based on a contribution by Anjan Selz, CEO at Finox AG. The full version of this article can be read in the September issue of Pharmaceutical Technology Europe. STRENGTHS • Lower cost structure • Development is a more calculable venture than research on new drug leads • Biosimilars are a reality WEAKNESSES • Lack of credibility in the prescribing community • Lack of credibility in the policy forming community • Lack of credibility as an industry Biosimilars Anjan Selz Finox AG OPPORTUNITIES • Favourable pricing and reimbursement policies • Driving further innovation • Continued growth of developing, non saturated markets THREATS • Evolving regulatory environment not always aligned with the industry’s interests • Technology improvements and shifts • Intellectual property domain 1 CONTENTS 9 TAKING ON REGULATORS 3 EGA INTERVIEW 10 LAUNCHING A BIOSIMILAR 6 THE BIOSIMILARS MARKET 11 IMPACT ON INNOVATION 7 SWOT ANALYSIS 13 BIOSIMILARS NOT COMPELLING

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Pharmaceutical Technology Europe - August 2010

Pharmaceutical Technology Europe - August 2010
Table of Contents
The Changing Landscape for Biosimilars
Interview with The European Generic Medicines Association
The Biosimilars Market Today and Tomorrow
A SWOT Analysis of the Biosimilars Market
Latest EU Guidelines Dissected
Taking On the Regulators: Is It Worth It?
Launching and Commercialising Biosimilars
Perception, Cost and the Impact on Biotech Innovation
Clinical and Cost Considerations of Developing a Biosimilar
True Biosimilars Do Not Offer a Compelling Business Case
What is Hindering the Uptake of Biosimilars

Pharmaceutical Technology Europe - August 2010