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October 2010 OUR SURVEY SAYS… 2 Pharmaceutical Technology Europe poll assesses the popularity of single-use systems amongst readers. LATEST ISSUES AND INSIGHTS 3 4 6 7 8 9 10 Harnessing the advantages of single-use systems Should you implement single-use systems? CMO industry adoption of single-use technology Validating single-use systems Material compatibility and single-use systems Achieving more effective cell culture with single-use systems The pros and cons of single-use bioreactors Developing a quality agreement template for single-use systems Balancing the risks and rewards… 11 Getty Images/Nick Koudis Single-use technologies TOP TECHNOLOGIES 12 Ten top single-use technologies showcased

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Pharmaceutical Technology Europe - October 2010

Table of Contents
Pharmaceutical Technology Europe - October 2010
Our Survey Says...
Harnessing the Advantages of Single-Use Systems
Should You Implement Single-Use Systems?
CMO Industry Adoption of Single-Use Technology
Validating Single-Use Systems
Material Compatibility and Single Use Systems
Achieving More Effective Cell Culture with Single-Use Systems
The Pros and Cons of Single-Use Bioreactors
Developing a Quality Agreement Template for Single-Use Systems
Ten Top Single-Use Technologies Showcased

Pharmaceutical Technology Europe - October 2010