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Market Trends and Analysis The Column February 2007 Market Profile: HPLC A look at the latest trends in the high performance liquid chromatography HPLC sector. Not Favourable 3% High performance liquid chromatography HPLC is one of the most dynamic markets in the analytical and life science instrument industry. The market can be segmented into six different categories that include conventional HPLC, capillary/nano LC, fast LC, preparative HPLC, amino acid analysers and gel permeation chromatography GPC systems. Conventional HPLC systems, which account for the majority of the market, are standard HPLC instruments with typical flow-rates between 1–10 mL/min. However, other HPLC systems designed for specific applications that remedy some of the shortcomings of conventional LC systems are becoming more significant in the market. Fast LC systems, for example, have been highly publicized during the last few years. In a recent survey conducted by SDi, users were asked to provide their opinions about this technology. Most users realized the advantages of using sub-2 micron particle columns to yield higher resolution and increased sensitivity. Most users favoured the technology but also expressed concerns about fast LC. Price was a significant issue as users noted that the cost of fast LCs might be too high to fit into their lab’s operation budget. Additionally, many of the survey participants were concerned about the overall cost of system ownership and the life expectancy of columns. Furthermore, the ultra performance capabilities might not be required for their current applications. Despite these apparent concerns, users also indicated that their lab was expected to purchase one or more fast LC systems during the upcoming year. This data was extracted and adapted from SDi’s High Performance Liquid Chromatography: New Opportunities in a Reinvigorated Market report. Author: Glenn Cudiamat E-mail: 19% Favourable Indifferent 78% Opinion of Fast LC For more information contact Glenn Cudiamat, vice president of Research Services, Strategic Directions International Inc., 6242 Westchester Parkway, Suite 100, Los Angeles, California 90,045, USA, tel: +1 310 641 4982, fax: +1 310 641 8851, e-mail:, website: 12

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Market Trends and Analysis
Biodiesel - The Alternative Fuel
Biodiesel (FAME) Analysis by FT-IR
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The Column - February 2007