The Column - February 2009 - (Page Cover1)

February Volume 5 Issue 2 Market Trends & Analysis LIMS Incognito Going Bio Mass Spectrometry A new perspective Fat finding – dioxin analysis using PFE

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of The Column - February 2009

The Column - February 2009
Rapid Sample Preparation Technique for the Extraction of Dioxins and Furans from Animal Tissue and Animal Feed Using Pressurized Fluid Extraction
Market Trends and Analysis
Tips and Tricks: GPC/SEC
Multi-residue Pesticide Analysis in Foods Using Modified QuEChERS Extraction and Ion Trap GC–MSn Analysis
Quantification of Protein Phosphorylation Using Chip-based LC–MS
A New Perspective on the Challenges of Mass Spectrometry

The Column - February 2009