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Market Trends and Analysis The Column May 2009 Market Profile: Separations in the Food Industry The global food, beverage and agriculture industry caters to aflatoxins in foods, amino acid analysis, vitamin separations, the population of the entire world. Even though the food profiling various food components, analysis of colorants and industry does not rely on laboratory instrumentation to the residues, triglyceride determination, sugar content analysis same extent as perhaps other industries, the sheer size of and determination of various other organic compounds. the industry results in a In 2008, the separations considerable market for 2008 Food analytical instrumentation demand by technology market accounted for more laboratory instruments. than a fifth of the laboratory Many applications are related to safety, analytical instrumentation quality control and research of new demand in the food industry. food ingredients and products. Demand for quality control Among the numerous applications and stronger analytical instrumentation mandates for food safety are Other and product categories expected to drive growth, technologies used in the food particularly for LC–MS 79% industry such as food and GC–MS systems. hygiene, life science, The foregoing data mass spectrometry, was extracted and spectroscopy, adapted from SDi’s materials Market Analysis and characterization Perspective report Separations and others, the titled The Analytical technologies separations category Cornucopia: The 21% accounts for the largest Food, Beverage and share. Separation Agriculture Market for includes the many Analytical Instruments. forms of chromatography For more information, that have always formed an contact Glenn Cudiamat, important part of the analysis of vice president of Research complex food samples. The various Services, Strategic Directions separations technologies frequently used for International Inc., 6242 Westchester food analysis are HPLC, GC, ion chromatography, LPLC, Parkway, Suite 100, Los Angeles, California flash chromatography, thin-layer chromatography, capillary 90045, USA tel. +1 310 641 4982, fax +1 310 641 8851, electrophoresis and continuous flow analysis. e-mail: Separation techniques in the food industry are used for hundreds of applications, some of which include detection of Contact author: E-mail: Glenn Cudiamat 18

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The Column - May 2009
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Market Trends and Analysis
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The Column - May 2009