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Majors The Column June 2007 Shaping the Future: Part 2 Ronald E. Majors, Agilent Technologies, Wilmington, Delaware, USA. In the second part of this special feature Ron Majors examines recent trends in column and sample prep products. In last month’s coverage, I described new introductions in the areas of high performance liquid, reversed-phase, normal- and bonded-phase, ion-exchange and ion, size-exclusion (SEC), large- and preparative-scale, and speciality chromatography columns. In part 2, I will look at gas chromatography (GC) products, sample preparation products and hardware, accessories and kits for chromatography and sample preparation. Trends and Highlights General: This year, I observed that there was a continued trend in high throughput techniques especially in the HPLC and sample preparation areas. In HPLC, there was an increase in the number of short and long, sub-2 µm columns and ultrahigh pressure products whereas in sample preparation there were many products for solid-phase extraction (SPE) automation. Still, a large number of products were introduced for the separation, sample preparation and for LC–mass spectrometry (MS) measurement of proteins, still the hottest area in chromatographic research and applications. Many application-specific columns for HPLC and GC were noted. A considerable number of new accessories in the HPLC/ion chromatography area were noted. HPLC columns: Reversed-phase HPLC maintains its dominance and a significant number of regular reversed-phase and specialty reversed-phase columns were introduced. Particles are getting smaller (down to 1.5 µm), some with new designs and columns are getting shorter; these columns allow separation speeds unheard of a decade ago. With the advent of new higher-pressure instrumentation, new columns, column hardware and fittings and more rugged column packings are being introduced. Speciality columns for proteins and peptides comprised about half of the speciality column offerings. Columns for the direct injection of drugs in biological fluids, more high efficiency polymeric columns, and packings with reduced tailing for basic compounds were among the highlights for this year’s product introductions. Gas chromatography: GC columns this year were highlighted with higher temperature limits, lower bleed and speciality columns for pharmaceutical, food/beverage and flavour/fragrance analysis. A porous-layer open tubular (PLOT) column for oxygenate analysis, such as methyl-tert-butyl ether (MTBE) in gasoline, was introduced. Supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC) is getting more attention, especially in the preparative mode and new packed columns for SFC were brought to market. Sample preparation: Products for the preparation of tiny amounts of samples in the microlitre and submicrolitre range were quite prevalent. With a continuing trend, polymeric SPE phases represented about half of the products seen this year. Formats ranged from 96-well plates for method development, protein precipitation and immobilized liquid extraction to SPE pipette tips to disks and cartridges to a new “in-syringe” SPE technique. More molecular-imprinted polymer (MIP) SPE products were introduced. Products for the depletion of high abundance proteins and phosphorylated peptides from serum, selective phases for environmental contaminants, a special chiral product for rapid enantiomeric separation and phases for the direct injection of biological fluids were noted. Two manufacturers introduced a new technique called dispersive SPE. Accessories: A total of 30 new accessories for LC–ion chromatography, GC and sample preparation were noted. A large number of HPLC accessories were introduced, such as fittings, in-line filters, small internal diameter tubing, injection valves, many suited for the newer high efficiency and high-pressure columns on the market. Ion chromatography saw new suppressor designs and a carbon dioxide removal system. Software for peak tracking, column comparison and e-learning were introduced. GC 26

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