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Q&A The Column July 2006 Through the Eye of a Needle Solid-phase dynamic extraction is a new method of automating sample extraction by coating the inside of the injection syringe with sorbent. This technique aims to take the tedium out of sample preparation and reduce analysis times for a whole spectrum of chromatographic methods. The Column spoke to Yassin Hardi of Chromtech to find out more. What is solid phase dynamic extraction SPDE ? traditional SPME and to automate what is often a time- consuming part of chromatographic analysis. One of the Solid-phase dynamic extraction SPDE is an automated drawbacks of the fibres used in SPME is that they are extremely method of extracting, desorbing and analysing liquid or fragile. Since the SPDE syringe canulas are made of stainless gaseous samples. In contrast to solid-phase micro extraction steel they are mechanically rugged and reliable. SPME in which the active sorbent material is externally Because the whole syringe canula inside wall is coated onto a fibre, the coating for SPDE is located inside the coated with sorbent phase, the extraction syringe needle, which means much more of the sorbent capacity is much higher than with material 4.5

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Generating High-Purity Water for Endocrine Disrupter Analysis
High Accurate Mass Profiling of Biomarkers
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The Column - July 2006