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Recent Developments in Column Technology Shim-Pack XR-ODS Description Figure 2: System pressure in relation to linear velocity for Converting an existing HPLC application into a `fast' LC one is different particle sizes. an important issue for many users. Besides the HPLC system performance and its adaptability to those applications, the columns are the most important part. Different columns and 40 1.8 2.2 3 5 column technologies are used to speed up the separation, Large increase in pressure increase the performance and the sample throughput. Backpressure Mpa 30 Performance Shim-Pack XR-ODS are high performance reversed-phase 20 columns for HPLC designed for rapid separations. The packing material is composed of 2.2

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Market Trends & Analysis
Sample Preparation Techniques for Ion Exchange Chromatography
Characterizing Aerosols using Comprehensive Two-dimensional Chromatography
Non-Classical Methods in Comprehensive Two-Dimensional Gas Chromatography
Supplies & Services
Recent Developments in Column Technology Supplement

The Column - August 2006