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Opinion The Column August 2006 Net Value Ordering products on the Internet is now some people's favourite way to shop. What would be the benefits of ordering a chromatograph this way, ponders Zosimus. manufacturer's site? I get this with my PC and if I give Last month my portable computer broke and was deemed to permission and allow the manufacturer remote access to my be uneconomic to repair. So I went onto the web to order a machine they can both configure and test the machine. new machine. This is a very easy process. You can build the Couldn't this be offered on the GC/HPLC? machine to your required specification in terms of screen size, On my PC I ordered preloaded software. I can also processor power, memory, hard disk capacity, DVD, USB, download and install software from many sites. If my GC or firewire ports etc. everything down to the casing colour. HPLC is connected onto the Internet, why can't I download You can also order preloaded software such as all the most applications and methods onto my instrument? common wordprocessing, presentation and e-mail programs. Today, all the instruments I know are lab-based and have Remarkably this personally configured machine was dispatched been ordered and commissioned by the manufacturers or a within 48 hours, with free shipping by special carrier. manufacturer's representative. Even the methods on open Switching the machine on, it powered up and worked access systems have been set up by the in-house expert. If the straight out of the box. If it had not worked out of the box instrument fails then the service engineer is called out for a then the warranty gave me a replacement computer. Also the service call. warranty covers any component on the computer for one year. Today we have the technology to break away from this And the price just below

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Market Trends & Analysis
Sample Preparation Techniques for Ion Exchange Chromatography
Characterizing Aerosols using Comprehensive Two-dimensional Chromatography
Non-Classical Methods in Comprehensive Two-Dimensional Gas Chromatography
Supplies & Services
Recent Developments in Column Technology Supplement

The Column - August 2006