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September 2008 The Column Incognito Turn On, Tune In, Outsource… “Turn on, tune in, drop out” was a counterculture phrase coined by the singer Dr Timothy Leahy in the 1960s. The phrase resulted from a suggestion by Marshall McLuhan that he came up with “something snappy” to promote the benefits of LSD and was meant to “urge people into cultural change through the use of psychedelics by detaching themselves from existing conventions and society hierarchies”. I came to recall this phrase as a result of a recent series of client visits, several of whose laboratories were set for closure or downsizing as the companies were re-locating manufacturing operations to India, China or other Far East territories. It was particularly surprising that some of the labs in question had a strong R&D focus and were not purely plant support or QC focused. It would seem from recent industry magazine reports, news items and my recent visits that we are, indeed, undergoing a cultural change in the UK laboratory industry — not brought about by psychedelic drugs — but just as disconcerting for those involved in lab closures or downsizing! Most of the above lab personnel had been heavily involved in the technology transfer of methods to the offshore labs — in fact I have since also become involved in one of these exercises. These processes have been fraught with difficulties and in several instances the methods have not transferred successfully and are currently being re-developed and re-validated. My casual observation is that most of the issues have arisen because of the lack of expertise or Author: Incognito E-mail: 11

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The Column - September 2008
Market Trends and Analysis: Water Analysis and Testing
Incognito - Turn On, Tune In, Outsource...
Separation of Complex Peptide Samples Using Optimized Column Technology and 1D-LC Conditions
Diastereoselective Separation of Fenvalerate by Supercritical Fluid Chromatography with Tandem Columns
Q&A - Highly Sensitive

The Column - September 2008