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PeoPle Trends evenTs news industry MurkowskI: ClIMate Change Consensus ‘hIghly unlIkely’ thIs year It’s “hIghly unlIkely” congress will reach consensus on climate change legislation this year, sen. Lisa murkowski (r-Alaska) told a forum held march 11 on the role of natural gas in the new energy economy. The forum was sponsored by the cQ–roll call Group, AGA and the American Gas Foundation. murkowski, ranking member of the energy and natural resources committee, added, “That’s not necessarily bad news for natural gas. Any bill that fails to promote natural gas is unacceptable.” it’s inevitable that a bill to control greenhouse gases will eventually be passed, murkowski said, but any successful legislation will require broad bipartisan support, and that means cap-and-trade is out of the picture. “How did we get into the situation where cap-andtrade is the only approach?” murkowski asked. “it’s not the only way to price carbon. A revenue-neutral carbon tax is one possibility.” One thing congress could do right away, murkowski said, is pass the energy legislation she sponsored with senate energy committee chairman Jeff Bingaman (Dn.m.). The bill would promote energy efficiency and renewables, open the eastern Gulf of mexico to natural gas and oil drilling and facilitate the construction of an Alaskan gas pipeline. “The bill isn’t perfect,” murkowski said, “but it does provide support for the new energy technologies we need while increasing oil and gas production.” she said it’s unclear when the measure might be taken up by the full senate, adding that the White House has sent mixed signals about its support for an energy-only bill. “The president wants a comprehensive bill,” she said. “Our bill is comprehensive, even without pricing for carbon.” murkowski told the forum that making the transition to renewable energy is not as easy as people think. she said, “We have to explain that natural gas is necessary as a baseload supply as we develop alternative energy sources. Our shared focus should be on ensuring an affordable supply.” in answer to a question, murkowski said that while “there is a group of nonbelievers” in climate change 10 may 2010 AmericAn GAs

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American Gas - May 2010