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places to be For more meetings, visit www. .org May 10–11 aGa Operating Section Spring Committee Meetings, Hilton New Orleans Riverside, New Orleans. Kimberly Denbow, 202/824-7334; 27 aGa FERC Regulatory Committee Meeting, Ameren, St. Louis. Andrew Soto, 202/824-7215; 27–30 aGa/EEI Chief accounting Leadership Conference and aGa/EEI Internal auditing Committee Meeting, Kingsmill Resort, Williamsburg, Va. Joe Martin, 202/824-7255; 9–12 aGa Gas Rate Course, The Gleacher Center at the University of Chicago, Chicago. Cynthia Marple, 202/824-7228; JUnE 2–3 aGa Small Member Council, AGA Headquarters, Washington, D.C. Ysabel Suarez, 202/824-7024; 16–18 Distribution Best Practices Program, MeterReading Roundtable, Indianapolis. Nneka Assing, 202/824-7332; 11–14 aGa Operations Conference, Hilton New Orleans Riverside, New Orleans. Kimberly Denbow, 202/824-7334; JULy 11–13 aGa Legal Forum, Lake Geneva, Wis. Kevin Belford, 202/824-7070; 2–5 aGa Legislative Forum, Savannah, Ga. Laura Sheehan, 202/824-7206; SEPTEMBER 13–15 aGa/EEI Utility Internal auditor’s Training Course, Orlando, Fla. Joe Martin, 202/824-7255; 16–19 aGa/EEI accounting Services Committee Meeting, New Orleans. Doug Allen, 202/824-7261; 12–15 Gas Piping Technology Committee Meeting, St. Louis. Paul Cabot, 202/824-7312; 9–10 Distribution Best Practices Program, Follow-up Conference, Nicor Gas, Des Plaines, Ill. Nneka Assing, 202/824-7332; 17–19 aGa Financial Forum, The Breakers, Palm Beach, Fla. Liliana Fonnoll, 202/824-7021; 21–22 Transmission Best Practices Program Roundtables, Houston. Nneka Assing, 202/824-7332; 13–16 aGa/EEI Introduction to Public Utility accounting Course and aGa/EEI advanced Public Utility accounting Course, Orlando, Fla. Doug Allen, 202/824-7261; 13–16 aGa/EEI Technology advisory Council (TaC) Spring Meeting in conjunction with EEI annual Convention, Westin Diplomat, Hollywood, Fla. Jim Linn, 202/824-7272; 19–20 aGa/EEI Property accounting & Depreciation Training Seminar, New Orleans. Doug Allen, 202/824-7261; aUGUST 9–11 aGa accounting Principles Committee Meeting, Brown Palace, Denver. Joe Martin, 202/824-7255; 16–18 Distribution Best Practices Program, Meter Reading Roundtable, Indianapolis. Victoria Plotkin, 202/824-7335; 24–26 Distribution Best Practices Program, Follow-Up Conference, Webcast. Nneka Assing, 202/824-7332; 14–16 EEI/aGa Labor & Employee Relations Conference, Washington, D.C. Linda Nahin, 202/824-7012; OThER EvEnTS Training and Certification Programs in— Mid-america Regulatory Conference (MaRC) annual Meeting, June 6–9, Westin Crown Center, Kansas City, Mo. 573/751-3233; GTI: ECDa Inspection Tools, June 8–10, GTI Headquarters, Des Plaines, Ill. Susan Robertson, 847/768-0783;; Energy Solutions Center’s Technology & Market assessment Forum, June 8–10, Hosted by DTE Energy, Marriott Renaissance Center, Detroit. Stephanie Smarsh, 202/824-7152; 2010 Ultrasonic Meter User’s Workshop and Flow Measurement, June 8–17, The Antlers Hilton, Colorado Springs, Colo. 970/897-2711; GTI: Gas Distribution Engineering, July 12–13, The Avenue Hotel, Chicago. Susan Robertson, 847/768-0783;; GTI: Gas Transmission Operations, July 12–16, The Avenue Hotel, Chicago. Susan Robertson, 847/768-0783;; > Gas Distribution & Transmission > Marketing & End Use > LNG > Field Operations See our broad range of gas industry training at Explore the possibilities. Contact GTI at 46 May 2010 AmericAn GAs

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American Gas - May 2010
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American Gas - May 2010