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y o u r a s s o c i at i o n at w o r k ask aga In Demand AGA is working to build residential natural gas demand by educating construction professionals. few years, Hyundai has become known for its Hyundai Assurance (guaranteed trade-in) program, 10-year/100,000-miles warranty, five years of complimentary roadside assistance, customer loyalty and safety awards. In addition, the company is well known for its significant investment in brand promotion at high-profile events like the Super Bowl and Academy Awards. In 2011, Hyundai was a major sponsor of college football, connecting the loyalty of Hyundai owners to the passion and tradition of that sport. While over the past few years the U.S. auto market has seen lackluster sales, Hyundai has enjoyed unprecedented growth and increased market share. In October 2011, Steve Shannon, Hyundai vice president of marketing, said in Advertising Age: “Some companies might take this opportunity to take it easy, but that’s not our approach. [At Hyundai,] it’s keep your foot on the gas.” tracy L. BurLEson is aGa director, communications and editorial director of American Gas. 14 february 2012 hen the Great Depression began in 1929, many companies did something predictable—they cut expenses, especially in research and development, marketing and advertising. Others saw an opportunity and increased their investment in those areas. A well-known example of this different approach is illustrated in the competition between two cereal companies: Post and Kellogg’s. Post chose to cut its marketing budget while Kellogg’s doubled its investment, aggressively promoting its then-new cereal, Rice Krispies. As the economy declined, Kellogg’s profits rose, and the company continues to be a dominant figure in the industry today. A more recent example comes from the automobile industry. Rather than wait out the storm of the Great Recession, Hyundai decided to help customers buy a new car. Over the past W keeping Our Foot on the gas Today the building industry is experiencing its own Great Depression, so it is a critical time to educate construction professionals—builders, remodelers, architects, HVAC and plumbing professionals—about the benefits of natural gas. Like Hyundai, natural gas possesses key qualities consumers are looking for and even more so in tough economic times. Advanced technology in heating equipment and other gas applications benefits both the environment and consumers’ wallets. Construction professionals are seeking information and training on energy sources and innovative technologies that will provide their customers with the homes they want. Natural gas already meets the needs of today’s consumers, and it also is positioned to be the foundation energy source for energy-efficient appliances throughout the home moving forward. One important resource for building profes- AmericAn GAs

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American Gas - February 2012
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American Gas - February 2012