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PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE Pipelines and People Just as important as the infrastructure that delivers our fuel is the infrastructure that keeps our companies moving: our workforces. s we prepare for a future where greater amounts of clean, affordable natural gas is used in America’s homes and businesses, we must invest in two crucial areas: pipelines and people. We are building and updating the infrastructure that will deliver America’s foundation fuel safely and reliably throughout the country. Our commitment to safe and reliable production and delivery of natural gas is steadfast, and we need to show the same level of commitment to managing the processes by which we find, develop, and deploy our workforces. About 76 million Americans are set to retire by the end of the decade. To compete now and into the future, all companies must work to retain the institutional knowledge of these retirees, groom managers to take their place, and cultivate a diverse and nimble workforce capable of leading the organization to prominence in the 21st century. Our cover story this month, “Taming the Talent Pipeline,” is an in-depth analysis of how to help recruit, develop, and sustain a talented workforce (page 24). It provides some key insights into a challenge we all face. This is a conversation that is taking place at the American Gas Association, in the meeting rooms of our member companies, and at industry conferences throughout the world. At the World Gas Conference in Kuala Lumpur in June, several discussions centered on developing the workforce we will need to support a future built on natural gas. Here at home, our member companies invest a great deal in developing their current and future workforces, and they have made this a priority for our organization. We are proud to be a part of several ongoing efforts to bring new talent into our industry and make energy an attractive career option for our nation’s young people. A DAVE McCURDY President and CEO In 2006, AGA formed the Center for Energy Workforce Development with the Nuclear Energy Institute, Edison Electric Institute, and National Rural Electric Cooperative Association to develop solutions to the coming workforce shortage in the utility industry. I am particularly proud of CEWD’s Troops to Energy Jobs program, which accelerates the training and employability of veterans for key energy positions. Their extensive military training, strong work ethic, and leadership skills make military veterans highly desirable employees for energy companies. We are honored to assist these dedicated men and women with education and ongoing career development and to welcome them into our member companies and communities. A portion of the proceeds from LNG 17—the 17th International Conference and Exhibition on Liquefied Natural Gas in Houston, Tex., in April 2013—will be donated to community colleges and technical schools toward the development of future gas utility employees. Finally, as part of our Executive Leadership Development Program, emerging leaders from our member companies recently attended a three-day seminar at Georgetown University Law Center. The agenda featured renowned experts in policy and politics. I encourage all of our members to consider having someone from their company participate in this valuable program as we work together to build the next generation of natural gas utility leaders. America’s natural gas utilities are addressing this challenge head-on, assembling the talent that will lead this nation into a strong energy future. 2 AMERICAN GAS AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2012

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