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vendor news Kerotest: Polyethylene Valves The Kerotest Manufacturing Corp. polyethylene ball valves were introduced in 2001. Since that time, they have provided proven, reliable service to the natural gas distribu- U P DAT E S F R O M I N D U S T RY P R OV I D E R S Vendor News shares the latest news from American Gas advertisers, companies that support your association. Information has been provided by the organizations featured, and no claims have been authenticated. Telogis: Work Order Management Platform applications. The DATTUs iii is built upon an electronics platform that includes a new solid chip thermal sensor, built-in temperature compensation and data-logging as standard capabilities. The meter uses fluidic oscillation technology and a new solid-state sensor technology to detect gas oscillations critical for measurement. Because it has no moving parts, the DATTUs iii cannot lock up or stop gas flow, and the product offers easy installation and low maintenance, Itron reports. Start here: Details> Rich Dewar, SEE AD ON INSIDE FRONT COVER Telogis Progression, a new software-asa-service (SaaS) work order management platform, offers real-time job creation, tracking, routing, dispatching, customer service notifications, route compliance reporting, job completion reporting, real-time traffic conditions, and a rich interface to existing ERP systems, says Telogis. it is available in three offerings: Progression, Progression Pro, and Progression enterprise. Telogis Progression integrates with the Telogis route multivehicle route optimization system, Telogis Fleet GPs fleet management system, and Telogis mobile handheld application to provide an end-to-end enterprise platform for routing, real-time work order management, telematics, and mobile integration on one platform. Details> 866-TELOGIS (835-6447); SEE AD ON BACK COVER tion industry, the company reports. In fact today, there are more than 1 million Kerotest valves in service. Looking to 2013, they will add a 12-inch, full port POLYBALL polyethylene ball valve to the complete, quick-ship inventory of POLYBALL polyethylene ball valves and accessories that includes full and reduced port sizes ranging from 0.5-inch to 12-inch. All sizes are qualified to ASME B16.40, ASTM D-2S13 and CFR, Part 192. Kerotest products are manufactured in the United States. Details> 412/521-5942; SEE AD ON INSIDE BACK COVER Aclara: Two-Way AMI Two-way AMI helps natural gas utilities reduce costs and serve customers with efficient collection of meter data and effective communication to gas meters, reports manufacturer Aclara. Aclara’s fixed-network AMI lets your utility collect top-of-the-hour gas meter reads from your entire service territory. Access to hourly data improves billing accuracy and allows customers to keep tabs on how much gas they’re using, helping them feel more in control of their gas bill. The network also can collect information about utilities’ distribution management system by monitoring and tracking volume correctors and pressure sensors. Details> Todd Stocker, 440/528-7200; SEE AD ON P. 3 ADVERTISER ALERT: NEW for American Gas in 2013 • • • • Advertorials Inserts, gatefolds, bellybands, and more Exciting new electronic options New features for our annual Buyers’ Guide Itron: Gas Meter for C&I Applications Building upon its proven lineage, Itron is proud to introduce the third-generation DATTUs, a solid-state gas meter designed for commercial and industrial gas measurement For more details, to receive our media kit, and to get a jump on 2013 in 2012, please contact: Don Serfass 800-394-5157 ext. 30 AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2012 AMERICAN GAS 37

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