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AMERICANGAS AMERICAN GAS VOLUME 96 NUMBER 7 AMERICAN GAS AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2014 F E A T U R E S Roundtable 28 Building for the Future EDITED BY RICHARD SINE At the recent AGA Financial Forum, new AGA board members gathered to discuss the state of their industry. Their strong sense of optimism was tempered with a realistic assessment of the risks and challenges they face in sustaining growth in the years ahead. Cover Story 22 The Aging Workforce BY PETER LOUCH, KEN MALL, AND ROYCE KOSOFF Utilities face the retirement of a large portion of their workforce in the near future. In this collection of articles, experts weigh in on how companies can plan for this change while retaining critical know-how. Plus: An update on AGA's scholarship program. LILLY ECHEVERRIA 28 PIPELINE STATE WATCH DEPARTMENTS Operating On and Off the Grid 7 Cow-Powered Gas and Electricity, Too 16 Digest 8 Texas provides incentives for alternative-fuel vehicles; companies invest $120 billion in LNG projects; Penske adds 85 CNG semi-tractors to its fleet; and more. Massachusetts 17 A project signals the renaissance of "district energy" systems. President's Message 2 Having the vision not only to see beyond the horizon but also to chart a path there requires acumen and audacity-in equal measure. Issues 8 * New technology could allow for smaller tanks and larger driving range. * Washington Gas gets the nod for accelerated pipeline replacement. * U.S. utilities are well-positioned to handle a rise in interest rates. Update 11 * Dollars pour into funds that invest in drillers, pipelines, and utilities. * Employee saves a man overwhelmed by carbon monoxide. By the Numbers 14 CHP to grow worldwide-especially in emerging markets. Places 15 Headway 40 In an effort to enhance reliability between the gas and electric industries, FERC has initiated several rulemakings and individual proceedings. By Lori Traweek New Hampshire 18 A utility rewards washing technology that could drastically curtail natural gas use. New Jersey 19 Third--party suppliers sent bills sky-high, authorities say. Subject Index 4 Marketplace 35 New York 20 Buildings in New York City shift from fuel oil to natural gas. Ad Index 35 Vendor News 36 Jobs 38 BURNER TIPS Safety 34 For PG&E, earning dual certifications helped focus the company on building a safety culture in the wake of a tragic accident. Nick Stavropoulos explains. CO V E R , A N D A B O V E: COVER ILLUSTRATION BY LORENZO PETRANTONI AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2014 AMERICAN GAS 1

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American Gas - August/September 2014